Location awareness is now an essential aspect to supplement business intelligence. 

Discover an additional dimension to your data. The competitive market has lead to personalised services which traditional business intelligence tools struggle to provide on spreadsheets. Supplementing your data with a tool to visualise your services provides a platform on which to make better business decisions.

Visualisation through Google Maps makes your data accessible to provide crucial business insights.

Location awareness not only allows businesses to understand location of users, employees and company assets it can be utilised to improve operational aspects as well as optimising resources.  Location, spatial data and digital mapping are now playing a pivotal role, key business functions. Levering Google's spatial data and OniGroup's industry insights will ensure that you can utilise your data further.

Quality Customer Data

Capturing incorrect address details of your customers can result in costly mistakes and bad customer experience, from time taken internally to varify your data to paying for re-delivery. Providing a simple platform for users to validate their location data with Google's global data set at the point of entry will ensure that you immediately capture the right data.


Last mile logistics

Last mile delivery is the most important step in the supply chain that matters to customers the most. One of the top challenges in providing last mile logistics is finding the balance of consumer expectations and delivery costs. Incorporate Google Maps APIs to improve current processes to plan routes more effectively based of historical location data, predictive fuel consumption, distance, time, traffic and more.

Personalised Location Experience

Google Maps allows you to combine the location element of your data with their global points of interest data set so that you can present your users with contextual results. Narrow down the displayed results so that each user is able to have a personalised location experience. 

Targeted Marketing

Leverage location data to provide meaningful context between geography and your consumer experiences, products and services. This can be used to supplement your current your marketing strategy. Google Maps provides a visual platform in order to make better business decisions around where your potential opportunities are.